Monday, March 24, 2014

A Post In The Midst of a Struggle

For the past several days, and honestly weeks, I have felt like I'm losing in a horrible battle of depression.  I say "a battle" because there have been many before this one, and I don't doubt there will be many more after this one.  I know that the war is already won, I just have yet to celebrate the victory.  Knowing that future celebration is coming gets me through some moments, but others are swallowed up by the depression.  In fact, because I have felt like I have been losing this particular battle, I have been reluctant to post much recently.  I figured I should wait until I have mustered the strength to seek God in overcoming this period.

But then I stumbled on on blogpost titled "I have... depression."  My struggles are nothing compared to what the author of this blog is facing. [EDIT : This blog is no longer online.] But instead of hiding his trials, he is sharing them. One paragraph he wrote really stuck out to me:

My desire in sharing my struggle is that others may feel compelled to tell someone of their dealings with depression, instead of feeling that they must keep it to themselves. That is what community among Christians is for! We should be helping one another in our times of sorrow.

I realized that I don't have to be in a high point to share my thoughts.  I can share in the midst of a struggle. My struggle: overcoming depression and focusing on Christ to guide me daily.

A few other sites that are inspiring and encouraging
A Patient Process (I find every single post realistically hopeful)

I know this is an old song, but God really used it to encourage me this week.  Even when it feels like no one is around or relates to you, Jesus never leaves you alone.