Wednesday, January 22, 2020

2 Tools You Need for Your Bedtime Routine

Creating a Bedtime Routine

For the past several years I've been convicted of sticking to a bedtime routine in order to get a good night rest and wake up ready to tackle my duties for the next day. Yet I lack the discipline to implement them. Yes, that's present tense because I do still lack the motivation and discipline to actually stick to them daily. BUT, when I do the tasks of my bedtime routine, I've noticed I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer (that is as long as my children don't wake me up). The two most important tasks of my bedtime routine are :
  1. Journaling my thoughts and prayers, and
  2. Listening to the Abide YouTube channel as I fall asleep 

Why Journal?

Do you ever struggle to fall asleep because you have endless thoughts swarming through your mind?
If so, then you need to journal! By writing down what you're thinking, you're essentially releasing your thoughts on paper.

I'll be honest, journaling doesn't work for me every time. But I never regret taking the time to do it.

Abide Review

Abide seems to help me fall asleep about 75% of time I listen to it. I especially like their Bible bedtime stories (as opposed to their prayers and meditations).

A few months back, I got the free trial of the Premium option on the Abide app. While I'm choosing not to invest the money into the subscription just yet, I do plan to one day down the road.

The cool thing I like about the app versus the YouTube channel is that you can choose different background music/noise while listening to the bedtime story or meditation. And the app continues to play while your phone is locked (unlike the free version of YouTube).

Another benefit of the app is that you can set how long you want the story to play. I would usually have it set to stop at 45 minutes. The Abide videos on YouTube are a minimum of 1.5 hours long, some as long as 3 and 5 hours. So you either have to manually turn it off (thus interupting falling asleep), or be okay with your phone staying on quite a while after you've fallen asleep.

But like I said, I'm putting up with the cons of the YouTube Abide chanel for now. If you struggle to fall asleep but don't want to invest money into something, I highly recommend Abide's channel.


  1. These are some great suggestions! I do use a journal already, but I'll listen to that YouTube channel to help fall asleep.

  2. This is super helpful and great to know! I love journaling, but haven’t considered it before bedtime - I love that idea! I’m also eager to check out the Abide app. Blessings to you!