Friday, January 31, 2020

Resources for Survivors of Abuse

Last week, I asked my blogging colleagues for resources to help survivors of abuse. I was blown away at how many people responded. I'm saddened at how many women have endured so much pain, but also encouraged that they're using their experiences to help other women escape dangerous situations and heal from their trauma. 
Here are some statistics on domestic violence
I am so thankful to never have gone through such an ordeal myself. And I've heard that their are pastors, leaders, and even counselors who have absolutely no experience with this give terrible and even life-threatening advice to victims, telling them they must stay and go back to their abuser. 
If you have ever received such advice, I want to say that this is absolutely NOT of God! Through out Scriptures we see God has a special place in his heart for women and children, especially those who have suffered. 

For pastors and counselors, here are a couple of resources that were recommended to me that look promising, though I myself have not read them yet.
For healing I would also recommend seeing a counselor or therapist who has knowledge and experience helping patients heal from abuse, trauma and assault. Ones who don't have such experience may give well-meaning but horrible advice that could further hurt you instead of provide healing. 
Honesty time - my own struggles with depression, anxiety, rejection, and loneliness don't stem from any kind of abuse trauma. But I know that many people struggling with those and other similar mental illness have experienced some kind of traumatic abuse.
This comprehensive list (which will continually be added to) contains articles written by survivors of abuse, ranging from childhood to spousal abuse, sexual molestation to narcissistic manipulation. And their articles reference books and other resources that have helped them in their healing processes. If you have a friend who has been abused, check out this great article on How to Be a Good Friend When She Says "Me Too."

Real Stories from Others Who've Gone Through It
Resources Recommended By Abuse Survivors
Books Recommended by Abuse Survivors
*Note that many of these are affiliate links of books I myself have not read, but come recommended from people I trust. I typically only use affiliate link for things I've tried out myself, but I didn't want to leave out valuable resources recommended by trustworthy people.


  1. What a great list of resources for those who need help in where to go!
    I totally agree that advice given that encourages the abused woman to stay with her abuser is not scriptural. I have a story to tell too and missed seeing your post looking for links. I share some scripture verses to consider as God supporting you in your decision to leave the abusive relationship. I hope you don't mind but here's my story as well as I talk about 3 scripture verses in particular:

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for your support!
      And thank you so much for sharing your story. You were so brave to leave, and brave to publicly write down what happened to you so that other women can be encouraged and hopefully to do the same thing you did. I have added it my list. This reminds me that I need to add a prompt encouraging anyone else to share their stories they want on this list as well. Thank you for that.
      Going over to your post now to comment :)

  2. This is great that you have put so many resources out for those who have or are suffering through some type of abuse.

  3. Wow. This quite an impressive list of resources! I pray it leads individuals to healing and recovery by the power of Jesus. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sarah, how thoughtful to gather a list of resources like this. Blessings to you.