Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Emotional Struggles of Downsizing

I kept going back and forth on whether I wanted to publish this post on moving from a bigger place to a smaller place. I tend to do that a lot, I think because it's difficult to be vulnerable on such a public platform. 

But then I thought that maybe there's someone else out there who needs someone to relate to. Life just isn't going your way. You thought at your age you'd be in a much better financially. You have to make sacrifices just to make ends meet. Friend, if this is you, you are not alone! 

One of the hardest sacrifices we had to make last year was downsizing, and that was (and is still) very emotional. 

An Emotional Move

I think most people can relate to the stress and just overall mental toll moving has on a person. The months leading up to it, packing, and despite how much I thought I prepared, once the time came, there was SOOO much to do in such a little time span.