Revivify - How to Use the Bible to Fight Depression

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Revive your mind and soul with God's Word. Each section of this course is designed to target a weakness that contributes to depression. Learn how to identify the thoughts and feelings dragging you into depression. Then declare specific Scriptures to guide your heart away from depression and towards God's presence, where you'll find joy and peace.

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So I was originally planning on selling this content in the format of an online e-course. But some life circumstances held me up... namely - a bad season of depression! 

I'm sharing this because I want to be completely transparent with you. I wrote this workbook on and off over the course of a year (about Spring of 2019 to Spring of 2020). I will try to post a blogpost detailing this current season of depression, but I can say it's been a doozy. It almost feels hypocritical putting this content out there because to be quite honest, I am not utilizing any of the tools I wrote about. Although, I think if I did, I'd probably be in at least slightly better spirits. At the same time, it feels selfish to hold onto something that I truly believe to be a really valuable to improving mental and spiritual health.

All of that being said, I did go about this in the most lazy way possible. I think only the first half is proofread. There are multiple formatting and spacing inconsistencies that I haven't bothered to fix, so if you're OCD, this may drive you insane. When I'm in a better mental (and spiritual) state, I hope to go back and fix these. But I hope the content outweighs what's lacking in aesthetics. 

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