Why All This Jesus Talk?

You may be asking: So why do you use so much of the Bible and Jesus to talk to the broken hearted? Why can't you just write based on your own thoughts and experiences?

Well, while I do use my own thoughts and experiences to create my posts, I center my writing around Scriptures because I want to speak of eternal peace, rest, and comfort. Many people today can offer temporary peace, rest and comfort through various ways. But why just stop there when you can have all of those in the hope of eternity?

The origin of that hope is in God, The Creator of the universe, The Savior of sinners, and the guiding Spirit for saints (by saint I mean any person who has placed the entirety of their trust in Jesus Christ). God's character is entirely holy and entirely loving. People are severely lacking in both of those areas. Jesus came to earth as human (fully man and fully God), lived a sinless life, died a horrifyingly excruciating death, rose up out of His grave a fews days later, and ascended into heaven shortly afterwards.  He did all of this out of both His holiness and His love so that we, as people, could have a way to be spared the eternal sentence of damnation that we deserve (because of our imperfection and sin) and be given eternal life with God in heaven.

Now I am not saying that once you become a follower of Jesus everything is made rosy posy in life. In fact, life is often harder after becoming a Christian because the faith often requires going against the norms of the culture. Following Christ comes with a commandment to share that hope with others. Sharing that faith is may be met with rejection and persecution.

Christ calls us to deny ourselves completely and offer ourselves to Him whole-heartedly.
As harsh as this sounds, I believe the roots of negative attitudes (ranging from life-sucking depression to full-blown rage) are in selfishness. I am not talking about feelings and emotions, which at times are truly impossible to control. But the selfishness comes in when we allow negative feelings to dictate the way we live our lives. And Christ calls us to deny that selfishness and to rely on Him. It is both incredibly difficult and amazingly beautiful to leave behind a self-serving lifestyle to live a life of selflessness. But this new lifestyle is only possible when you choose to place 100% of your trust in God as Lord of your life and Savior from your sinfulness.